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We have partnered with a global leader in precision lubricants to bring you premium products at attractive pricing.



The highest quality lubricants & personalized, detailed service.


At Sykes Precision Lubricants, our job is to provide you the best possible lubricant for your equipment at the greatest possible value. We offer a full range of products that have a proven track record in a wide variety of environments and industries all over the world. Our lubricants have been lab tested, field tested, retested, refined, and reviewed. We are relentless in our pursuit of offering the best products on the market for
every application.


By offering a wide range of lubricants,
we have structured our business to be in the best possible position to offer you the solutions you need.



• Gas Compressor lubricants
• Oven Conveyor Chain lubricants
• Refrigeration Compressor lubricants
• Specialty lubricants
• Pump oil
• Barrier fluids
• Industrial cleaners


We offer FREE Oil Analysis! 

1.  Request your free kit

2.  Collect lubricant samples

3.  Complete oil analysis form   

4.  Send to our lab in Tyler, TX

5.  We'll analyze the lubricant and provide recommendations to help improve machine performance, lower maintenance costs, and reduce downtime.

Our lubricants have a proven track record in a wide variety of environments and industries worldwide. They have been lab-tested, field-tested, retested, refined, and reviewed. 

Experience the Difference 


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We'll send you the Product and Safety Data on the lubricant for your application.


Our lubricants are available by the Gallon, Pail, Drum, Tote, and Tanker.