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Our Regal Rexnord brands all in one place!

Welcome to Regal Rexnord!

RegalRexnord brings together legacy brands to service all of your needs in power transmission. We offer competitive pricing to keep you on budget and a personalized customer experience you wont find anywhere else.


browning bearings

Browning® mounted ball and tapered roller bearings are designed to perform in a variety of industries worldwide and are available in a variety of sizes, housings and locking styles. This provides a balance between performance and interchangeability with common designs found in the marketplace.

browning gearing

The Browning® gear products include the helical shaft mounted speed reducers, inline helical and right angle helical bevel drives and worm gear-motors used in a variety of applications.

browning couplings

Browning® couplings include families of non-lubricated elastomeric and jaw type couplings as well as rigid and sleeve type couplings  to address many needs.

browning mechanical power transmission
Mechanical Power Transmission

The Browning® brand is an industry leading producer of mechanical power transmission products that are designed to serve a wide range of industries and applications today. The Browning® portfolio is known for it's V-Belt drive components that can provide efficient performance and interchangeability for HVAC drive applications found in the market today.

hubcity gearing


HUB CITY® power transmission components make up one of the broadest standard product offerings in the industry. Products include bevel gear drives, parallel shaft drives, worm speed reducers and the revolutionary HERA High-Efficiency Right Angle Gear Drives.

Farm Solutions

Farm Products

Farm products and accessories include both PTO and non-PTO solutions. Power ratings are up to 125 HP and include adaptors, splined shafts, couplings and hubs. Overrunning couplers for high-inertia loads and overhung load adapters for hydraulic motors are also part of the product line.

Mounted Bearings Mounted Bearings

Mounted bearings are available in a variety of sizes and options, including industry-specific designs that are real problem solvers.

Rod Ends & Spherical Plain BearingsRod Ends & Spherical Plain Bearings

Rod Ends & Spherical plain bearings are designed to support a load. This combination also accommodates angular motion, misalignment and oscillation in mechanical motions systems.

End CapsEnd Caps

End caps offer excellent protection against high-pressure wash down. They can be used to reduce bearing moisture contact. They can also provide personal protection in order to conform with OSHA and other regulatory guidelines.

Take Up FramesTake Up Frames

Take-up frames allow for adjustment and alignment of conveyor assemblies allowing for proper tension of the conveyor belt. These frames contain a positioning screw that adjusts the bearing assembly location along the frame. Center pull and top mount frame designs are available.

rollway bearings


The Rollway® ball and roller bearings are engineered to meet the demands of diverse applications in a variety of industries. Backed by technological capabilities and resources, the Rollway bearings provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of customers.

Aerospace & Specialty Bearings

Aerospace & Specialty Bearings

Providing innovative solutions and extensive experience in the design and manufacture of bearings found in a variety of aerospace and specialty applications including gearboxes, pumps, actuation, control, airframe, and military. Rollway applies, designs, engineers, and manufactures your highly customized bearings.


Adapter Sleeves

Adapter sleeves are used to locate tapered bore bearings on cylindrical shafts. This allows less accurate machining of the shafts and ease of location. Adapter sleeves are available in metric or inch bore sizes - the external taper is 1:12.


General Purpose

General Purpose Motors

Hundreds of industrial designed “off-the-shelf” motor solutions including totally enclosed and drip-proof enclosures, rolled steel and cast iron frames, and single or three phase motors. The LEESON® line of general purpose motors can be used in many applications including compressors, conveyors, pumps, fans plus many others.



Explosion Proof

Explosion-Proof Motors

Specialized motors for hazardous environments where fire or explosive agents are present. LEESON® explosion-proof motors meet varying electrical codes including UL Division I or Division II.


Washdown Motors

Whether you need a motor that handles an occasional splash or a solution that can handle continuous washdown 24/7, LEESON® Washguard® industrial-duty motors can take it. Choose a solution that’s USDA approved, FDA approved, BISSC certified, or has an IP69 enclosure protection - to name a few.

LEESON Products

Leeson 098008
Leeson 110908
Leeson E116740


GROVE GEAR® drives are industry leaders in industrial-duty gear reducers and gear motors. Our product offering include cast iron, aluminum and stainless steel worm speed reducers and ration multipliers for a broad range of industries, such as unit and bulk material handling, mixers, crane and winch applications and many more.



The Morse® couplings include families of non-lubricated elastomeric and chain couplings as well as lubricated chain couplings to address a variety of needs.


Morse® gearing products have a long history of providing a wide variety of worm gear reducer solutions.

Mechanical Power Transmission

The Morse® mechanical power transmission product line is well known for its performance chain, clutch/tod and open gearing products that are designed to serve a wide range of industries and applications today. The Morse® product offering provides both performance and interchangeability to address a variety of needs in today's market.

Blue Chip XRI Crusher

Blue Chip Series® XRI® - Crusher Duty Motor

The Blue Chip Series® XRI® - Crusher Duty motor is built tough for the toughest environments and applications in the aggregate, mining, and cement industries.

Ultimate E

Ultimate e® Motor

The Ultimate e® line of general purpose motors are designed for rugged commercial and industrial applications such as the aggregate and quarry industry.

Globetrotter Motor

Globetrotter® Totally Enclosed Motors

Our complete line of Globetrotter® general purpose motors are built for tough applications. These motors are designed for industrial applications most commonly found in processing plants such as conveyors, pumps, gear reducers and air moving.

Marathon Products

Marathon G573